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Why you need a digital communications maturity framework

In her latest blog post, Mia Papanicolaou explains why organizations need to measure their status on a digital communications maturity framework

"If we build it they will come". Why do we still believe this?

Build it, but don’t expect them to come… In her latest blog post, Nicola Els explains why communication is key to achieving successful adoption of digital channels

Employee engagement is key to achieving a great customer experience

Employee Experience (EX) vs Customer Experience (CX) – Read Brent Haumann’s feedback on this topic, discussed at the Customer 360Africa conference

Striata’s expert bloggers, namely our managers, executives and developers discuss and share tips on various topics related to digital customer communications.

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Email Marketing

Long Live Email!

Email is not dying, it lives on and innovation powers its future! Ross Sibbald discusses why email is alive and still very relevant in today’s digital world. Read on to find out more.