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Great videos explaining the value of digital customer communication and how to achieve a great CX

Watch these awesome videos to learn how digital customer communication drives a great CX

Create an exceptional customer experience across all digital touch points with your customers… Watch these awesome videos to discover how and to learn more about the value of digital customer communication.

Striata’s Layout editor

Experience fast campaign turnaround times and keep control over your brand’s digital identity with  our email builder solution. Watch the video to see how you can populate a variety of pre-installed themes with up-to-the-minute content,n vary the images and banners, as well as test your template.

Make sense of complex bills with interactive, digital billing

Making sense of complex bills can be frustrating for your customers. Striata’s interactive digital billing solution solves this issue with a digital bill that is customer-friendly and easy to understand.

Email accessibility: experience an email through a screen reader

As communicators, we want our message to reach as broad an audience as possible. To achieve this, we need to follow email accessibility guidelines. 

This video shows how a person would experience an email using a screen reader. For the demonstration, we’ve created an example of a billing email, with a PDF bill attached.

Payment reminder

Give your customers the ability to set a payment reminder directly from within their eBill – they can request to receive the reminder by email or text on the day and at the time of their choice. Watch this video to learn how.

The value of operational messages

Watch our webinar to learn how to align all your customer communications to extend your brand and ensure a great customer experience. With real world insights from one of our global customers

Striata’s innovative one click payment solution – how it works

Paying a mortgage or utility bill can simply be a tap or click away! Watch this video to discover how your customers can make a payment from within their email bill, set up recurring payments or save their details for easy future payments.

Introducing Striata’s Secure Document Repository

Give customers a quick, easy and secure way to retrieve their documents online, via the channel of their choice with Striata’s Secure Document Repository. Watch this video to learn more.

Conversation with a bank’s chatbot… in 2020

This awesome video will take you into the future of chatbots, customer experience and digital communications in the banking environment.

eBilling explained: Interactive PDF & mobile one click pay

Discover our next generation interactive PDF eBill with revolutionary one-click payment functionality for computer and mobile recipients. It’s quick to implement, sold as software as a service and delivers a strong ROI and great customer experience.

Paperless in one click – watch our eConsent launch video

Transform your paperless process to successfully drive paper turn-off, with the least amount of cost and time. Watch the launch of Striata eConsent, an innovative paperless adoption process at FinovateEurope, in London on 07 February 2012.

Is your customer digital communication experience being fractured

Join us and guest speaker, Melissa Archaumbalt: Director of Digital Delivery for National Grid, and learn how to align all your customer communications to extend your brand and ensure a great CX

Paperless Transformation

Guest speaker, IDC Research Director, Terry Frazier and Striata’s Elizabeth Stephen, discussed how organizations can drive paperless adoption by providing customers with communications via their channel of choice

Pushing paperless adoption to the next level with email deliver

Hear why three companies decided on a PUSH strategy to deliver critical communications directly to their customers via email and the results thereof

7 Reasons to add email to your multi-channel offering

View the webinar by Matt Swain & Michael Wright (Striata) as they discuss the role of email in a multi-channel solution

Mobilizing your billing strategies for faster payments

Listen to expert speakers, Scott Johnson (Chartwell), Michele Karrlsson-Willis (Striata) and Mike Beener (City of Tallahassee) as they gave valuable insight into billing and payment options for the mobile landscape

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