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Digital Communication Health Check

Digital Communication Health Check

Are you confident your organization’s digital communication is the best it can be?

Digitally transforming a business’s communication can be complex. It requires technology investment, change management and the transformation of both employee and customer interactions.

Despite being aware of the need to improve digital communication, many organizations are unable to map out a set of practical steps to get there. The result is an in-cohesive strategy and disparate projects that do not move the business forward.

There are ways to jumpstart this process:

  1. Start with an audit or benchmarking initiative that provides an objective view of your current position;
  2. Then map a set of quick wins as part of a longer term strategy to overhaul your digital communication.

Not sure where to start? Here is how we can help in the assessment phase of your communication enhancement strategy

Optimizing your digital communication can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be a paralyzing one.

We can facilitate any or all of these initiatives to get you started:

Digital Communication – Maturity Framework

A maturity model is a framework used to assess the different aspects of your business’s digital communication status, relative to a generic or industry benchmark.

Get a view of where your digital communication activity is weakest, plus a plan for the implementation of quick wins and long term improvement interventions.

Customer Journey Assessment

A customer journey assessment helps to identify gaps in your existing digital communication activity. These gaps present opportunities to add or improve communication.

Get a view of how you can optimize the moments that matter, which make up a customer’s experience of your brand.

Digital Communication Audit

Your digital communications could be providing customers with a fractured experience. An audit of all existing digital communication helps to identify inconsistencies in value proposition, frequency, tone, branding and call-to-action.

Get a view of how your existing communications shapes up, and identify where to target your enhancement initiatives.

Keen to understand more about the state of your digital communication?

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