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Secure documents

You need a digital partner that understands security and data protection, that’s good at designing and generating documents in a way that makes the information useful to your customers while also protecting their personal data.

You can apply our secure document solution to any correspondence that is customized for an individual or business and contains confidential information, including statements, invoices, policies and collections notices.

Your customers can opt to have their documents delivered by email or access them through your web portal or mobile application.

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Move confidential correspondence across to digital

Apply our secure document solution to any communication types:


Create rich, interactive, secure electronic documents that engage your customers.
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Present complex B2B invoices in a way that conforms to each customer’s preferred eInvoicing portal.
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Reduce the costs associated with bill delivery by enabling your customers to receive, view and pay their bill securely.
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Move your customer correspondence to digital to reduce costs and enhance the customer experience.
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Collection notices

Communicate electronically to encourage faster payment and improve biller cash flow.
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Policies and contracts

Deliver policies, contracts and notifications quicker.
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Value added solutions

Our value-added solutions maximize paperless adoption, get faster payments and improve workflow efficiencies:

Electronic consent

Maximize paper turnoff using our electronic consent process.
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Electronic acceptance

Improve document workflow efficiencies through our electronic acceptance and electronic signature solutions.
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Achieve faster payments by offering the ability to pay from within the bill.
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