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Policies and contracts

Paper turn off is a significant part of digital transformation and if your business is undergoing the process, moving to digital documents results in a huge cost saving.

Replace paper policies, updates, notifications, statements and contracts with secure electronic documents.  Digital documents can be designed as exact replicas of their respective paper counterparts, or you can improve the customer experience by adding interactivity.

Your customers will happily convert from paper to digital when they experience the convenience of an electronic document over a paper one.

Improve the customer experience with secure document delivery today


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Deliver policies, contracts and notifications quicker by going digital

Realize the advantages of sending policies and contracts through our secure document solution:

Paper turnoff

Reduce paper, printing and postage costs by converting your customers to digital documents, and achieve high adoption of the digital process through our proven conversion methods.


Secure your customer’s information throughout the processing, distribution and storage of data.  Protect customer documents using encryption and password protection.

Cross device

Provide an enhanced customer experience on all desktop and mobile devices, whether delivering secure documents by email or providing the ability to retrieve documents from secure storage.

Marketing offers

As an important customer touchpoint, policies and contracts provide a powerful opportunity for personalized content and targeted marketing offers.

Drive usage of other digital channels

Drive customers to your mobile application or web portal directly from the secure document, increasing customer self-service and online tool usage across digital channels.

Customized communication

Make ‘segment of one’ your objective by leveraging your data. We can help you achieve such incredibly specific customer segmentation, that the message each person receives is unique to them.