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You need a customer communication platform that has been developed with the security of data and processes at its core.

Protecting customer data is fundamental and a key focus of our software development. We ensure that data passing through our platform is protected by multiple layers of security and our strict access control ensures that only authorized users or systems can retrieve stored documents.

We offer both basic industry encryption of PDF documents as well as our own ultra secure Striata-encrypted formats, plus the optional layer of a password or pin code to access the document.

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We ensure your customer’s data is secure throughout the process

Multiple layers of security protect customer data throughout the processing and distribution of messages:

Access control

Role-based user permission system controls access to the application and hierarchical tree structure that allows for tiered access levels.

Documents in storage

Stored documents are protected by multiple layers of security, including document encoding, database encryption and application access control.


Document security

Stored and sent documents are encrypted and can be protected by a pin, password or shared secret known only to the recipient.

Reader application

Our reader app allows users to securely decrypt and open documents on a desktop or mobile device.

Striata Secure Document Repository Technical Overview

Tags: Product and Technical Overview,eBilling, Encryption, Secure Document Delivery, Striata Application Platform, Striata Reader, Secure PDF, Interactive PDF, Adobe PDF

Striata's Secure Document Repository (SDR) is a complementary solution to Secure Document Delivery (SDD). It enables customers to retrieve (pull) their past documents using the organization's existing self-service interfaces such as web portals and mobile applications. The solution is also cloud ready, which provides both organizations and their customers with access to the documents from any location and any device, in a controlled and secure manner. This includes customer service teams who need access to documents to resolve customer queries.

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