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Digital customer communication

Digital customer communication

Engage your customers where they are. Online.

No matter who your target audience is

You can be sure that your customers are increasingly using digital channels to interact, transact, share and purchase.

To engage these customers, your business needs to send the right message, at the right time, via the customer’s preferred channel. We can help you to target your communications using stated preferences, historical behavior and customer lifecycle stage, providing the customer with the best possible experience.

You can leverage our technology and years of experience to develop an automated, integrated customer communication program that simplifies your marketing, service and contractual communications using digital channels.


What is digital customer communication?

Digital customer communication is a term marketers use to refer to the communication sent by an organization to its customers via digital channels such as text messaging, email, instant chat, and app notifications.

These communications can be scheduled (such as monthly bills), triggered by a customer action (requesting a one-time-password) or as a result of a system event (when a certain date or limit is reached).

Digital customer communication is part of the broader customer communication that an organization typically sends over the customer lifecycle: starting from when a customer makes contact to ask about a product and services, through the assessment phase, to purchasing and ongoing retention and upselling. How a customer feels about all of these interactions (digital or otherwise) is part of what marketers call the customer experience or CX for short.

Enhance the way you communicate with your customers

We will help you achieve your communication goals using our expert services and digital customer communication management software:

  1. Create

    We can design & generate your customized messages and documents using templates, data and composition rules.
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  2. Send

    Our platform will manage the distribution of your documents and messages via push channels such as email and text messaging.
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  3. Store

    We use smart compression technology to store your customer documents securely and where they can be retrieved via existing customer portals or apps.
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  4. Present

    Our solution enables the presentation of a document as either an interactive web or PDF experience. The information is secured, available online and viewed via a browser or mobile application.
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  5. Evaluate

    We can assist you with to analyze platform activity and customer engagement reports to measure success against your goals and then use this insight to plan future improvements.
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  6. Secure

    We insist on the protection of your customers’ confidential information at all points in the digital journey no matter where it resides or what processing is underway.
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The core components of our digital customer communication management solution


Templates are created, data is mapped, personalization is applied, composition rules are implemented and if required, documents are encrypted.

Messages are routed to the preferred push distribution engine and are released via multiple channels according to send rules, and digital best practice.

Documents are compressed and stored in a secure vault and made available to approved interfaces across the web, mobile apps, customer service platforms and CRM applications

Documents stored in the vault are retrievable via a secure portal connection and viewed as a fully interactive, web-like experience without sacrificing security.

The reporting framework provides for the execution and scheduling of standard and custom reports indicating the communication’s reach and engagement levels, with a view to identifying ways to improve.

Confidential information is a prerequisite to creating and delivering personalized communication. This data is protected at all points of the journey from source system through our application processing and to the recipient via multichannel delivery or collection.


What is digital customer communication management?

Digital customer communication management refers to the way in which an organization manages all of the communication it sends to its customers via digital channels such as text messaging, email, instant chat, and app notifications.

Digital customer communication management is a broad term for the processes and systems that an organization puts in place to understand, measure and review the digital messages it sends to customers.

It is part of the broader category: customer communication management (CCM), which includes physical touchpoints such as telephone calls, post/mail, and branch interactions.

How a customer feels about all of these interactions (digital or otherwise) is part of what marketers call the customer experience or CX for short.

Improve the customer experience with secure document delivery today


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