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Push customer communication via digital channels

Push customer communication via digital channels

In an age of digital transformation, the move from paper to electronic communication is accelerating, including both marketing communication and operational documents, such as bank statements and utility bills. But, digital alternatives are now also available for other paper-intensive communications, such as insurance and legal documents.

Push channels like email and text messaging achieve high engagement rates because you are delivering information and documents directly to where your customer already spends time – their inbox and mobile applications.

Email remains the channel of choice for businesses wanting to send information to customers.

Knowing how to navigate the complex landscape of email delivery will become more and more essential if you want to leverage the power of email for marketing, service and contractual communications.

We know how to leverage push channels to ensure your marketing message, secure documents and text notifications get noticed.

Leverage the advantages of push digital channels

We will help you drive engagement by pushing digital messages to customers:

High adoption

We provide an alternative digital process for your business that is easier and more convenient than its paper predecessor – an effective way of promoting digital adoption.

Delivery expertise

Getting the message delivered is one of our core competencies; we use a combination of professional expertise and platform capability to ensure that a message with the correct contact information reaches its destination.

Paper turnoff

We will increase your cost savings and deliver a faster return on investment by assisting your business to achieve paper turnoff rates that are significantly better than the industry average.


Our solution provides appropriate measures to protect confidential information at all points in the digital journey from your business to your customer and back again. This includes securing personal information while being processed on the platform, when contained inside a document and when being transferred between parties.

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7 Reasons Why You Should Choose eDocument Delivery
7 Reasons Why You Should Choose eDocument Delivery

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Want to earn and build customer trust? Email is the most powerful tool businesses have

Organizations need to provide their customers with reasons to remain loyal. The most powerful of them being trust.

The thing is, trust can’t be built in a vacuum. It requires organizations to practice ongoing communication and engagement. Importantly, it requires them to do so on whatever channel, each of their individual customers prefer.

And for most customers, that preferred channel is email.

Email: changes in customer engagement

Who could have anticipated that the first quarter of 2020 would see the normal way of doing business disappearing almost overnight? With the sudden and unprecedented restrictions of movement imposed by governments across the world, companies were forced to adjust their communication or risk losing touch with their customers.

A large number of companies turned to email as the channel of choice to reach out to customers with information about their business continuity plans.

Improve the customer experience with secure document delivery today


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