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Why choose Striata

Why choose Striata

Reasons why choosing a digital communication solution from Striata is a great idea

As a digital communication specialist, we offer strategy, software and services that will enhance your customer experience. Our purpose is to help you build loyal relationships with your customers using digital communication.

We help our clients . . .

  • Achieve enhanced customer experience and improved engagement
  • Meet their paperless adoption targets and significant paper suppression
  • Reach operational cost savings between 65-85% and ROI in less than 12 month

Our application platform is . . .

  • Built with scalability and robustness as core priorities
  • Flexible on deployment options: in the cloud, hosted or deployed on-site
  • Easy to integrate into existing technology and workflows to automate customer communication processes

Because security is paramount . . .

  • Our platform is built with security as a core value (security by design)
  • Our information security framework has achieved ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification
  • We ensure multiple layers of security to protect customer data throughout the processing thereof

Our team . . .

  • Is composed of communication experts with a passion for digital transformation
  • Has a global footprint and over two decades of experience across many industry sectors
  • Is knowledgeable, responsive and has a truly client-centric approach

Our awesome team and winning solutions will make us an indispensable partner in your digital communication journey towards the ultimate in customer experience.

We can help you


Accelerate your digital transformation


Advance your status on the digital maturity journey


Improve your customer experience

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