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Multichannel communication

Multichannel communication

Create consistent customer experiences across multiple digital channels

Too often, what the customer experiences (the CX) when they interact with a brand is fractured because of how the organization is structured.

When your communication strategy is executed by different departments, using a variety of digital channels, it’s likely that messages will vary in tone and approach. 

This siloed approach to multichannel communication makes it difficult to create a seamless, consistent set of communications. Instead, the result is a fractured CX

To achieve a seamless and fracture-free CX across digital channels, a single view of customer communication is vital.

Achieve a seamless and fracture-free CX across digital channels

Enhance the performance of each interaction with your customers by having a clear view of each message being sent to the customer, across the company, and then choosing the most appropriate digital communication channel for each.

  1. Email

    Use this powerful channel for rich-content business-to-customer communications, such as secure documents, marketing campaigns, transactional notifications and detailed operational messages.

  2. Mobile and web

    Make confidential documents and messages available to customers through any of your pull channels: mobile application, web portal and internal systems.

  3. Text/SMS

    Send automated notifications and alerts designed to drive a customer action or response, such as one time pins, transactional notifications and payment reminders.

  4. Whatsapp

    Leverage Whatsapp’s messaging capabilities to push notifications to customers, as well as manage customer service queries.

Need help ensuring your digital customer communications deliver a fracture-free CX?

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