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Multichannel communication

Enhance the performance of each interaction with your customer by using the most appropriate digital communication channel:

  • Email is ideal for communicating lots of information in an attractive design with a proactive call-to-action
  • Mobile apps and web access work well for customer driven requests, enabling a customer to retrieve communication at their leisure from any device
  • A text message works for short, time critical notifications

To achieve successful multichannel communications that augment your brand and support your goals, you need to provide a consistent customer experience across all digital communication channels, namely email; mobile apps; text messages and telephone communications.

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Get better results using multichannel digital communication

Match your message to the appropriate digital channel:

  1. Email

    Use this powerful channel for rich-content business to customer communications, such as secure documents, marketing campaigns, and detailed operational messages.
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  2. Mobile and web

    Make confidential documents and messages available to customers through any of your pull channels: mobile application, web portal and internal systems.
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  3. Text

    Send automated notifications and alerts designed to drive a customer action or response, such as one time pins, transactional notifications and payment reminders.

  4. Call center

    Provide your customers and service teams with fast and secure access to stored documents. Use our customer management software to receive, route, track and escalate inbound digital messages from customers.
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Striata Multichannel Customer Communication White Paper

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