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Digital communication solutions for retail


Retail credit providers are turning to digital for delivering communications such as bills and collections notices

Retail credit providers are realizing the efficiency of digital communication, especially when it comes to distributing loyalty statements, bills and collections notices. 

Partner with a digital communications specialist that has assisted many retail credit providers to digitally transform their communication.

Want to reduce your DSO, improve cash flow and build loyal customer relationships?

Digital communication for financial services

Electronic billing

Tasked with managing your operational costs?

We can help you reduce costs and improve customer experience by introducing the option of a digital bill, sent securely via email.

Digital collections notices

Ever considered the many benefits of digitizing your credit and collections processes? 

We can help you collect payments quicker and avoid costly collections fees, by digitizing the full bill-to-payment process.

Retail loyalty

Need to drive engagement with your loyalty program members?

We can help you with hyper-personalized communications, delivered in the moments that matter.

Email marketing

Need help with your digital marketing strategy, a boost to your in-house capabilities, or a platform to send high volumes of messages? 

We can help you. Leverage our many years of experience helping companies achieve their communication goals.

Paperless adoption

Need to motivate your customers to accept digital communication? 

We can assist you to plan and execute marketing consent programs and promote paperless adoption.

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Engage your retail customers with relevant, useful digital communications – get a sample!

Looking to enhance engagement with your loyalty and retail credit customers? View sample screens or send yourself an example document to see how we can transform your loyalty and collections communications.

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White Paper: Digital Maturity

Digitally transforming a business’s communication processes is a massive undertaking. It requires new and upgraded technologies, top to bottom change management and the transformation of internal (employee) and external (customer) interactions.

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Shop Direct Case Study

Learn how Striata and RRD assisted Shop Direct to improve collections and reduce DSO through digital customer communication solutions.


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