Utilities: Is a fractured bill-to-payment experience obstructing your cash flow?

Heightened consumer awareness, new technology and environmental pressures are all strong catalysts for change in the utility sector. This has forced utilities to focus on enhancing the customer experience, as well as actively manage customer engagement and retention.

But certain customer journeys are yet to be overhauled – such as the bill-to-payment process – which makes up a significant portion of a utility’s regular touchpoints with a customer. By failing to address this process, the utility is effectively obstructing its own cash flow.

The components of this journey need to be streamlined to remove the friction points that cause a fractured customer experience.

Get the white paper to learn how utilities can achieve a fracture free bill-to-payment experience and improved cash flow. Also, learn more about:

  • The state of digital disruption in utilities
  • Why focusing on cost-cutting can result in a fractured CX
  • Changing customer expectations
  • New competitors and evolving technology
  • The bill-to-payment journey:

– Is your bill-to-payment CX fractured?
– Encouraging payment before default

  • How Striata can help utilities enhance the bill-to-payment CX, reduce DSO and improve cash flow

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In a 2017 CapGemini study, as much as 73% of respondents said they would pay for better customer service from their utility provider

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