The Future of Loyalty is Digital

Discover why digital is a great fit for loyalty

Loyalty marketers must go beyond awarding points to ‘stand out from the crowd’

Loyalty programs make for powerful marketing tools, but modern programs must go beyond awarding points and appeal to an individual’s needs for personalized experiences and deeper

Having regular and frequent interactions with members (high customer touch points) significantly enhances the program’s opportunities to drive engagement. Even so, influencing customer behavior is a high priority and finding ways to do this, even for frequently used programs, is crucial.

Get the document to discover why digital is a great fit for loyalty and how Striata can assist with the following:

  • Enhancing the loyalty member experience through hyper-personalized and relevant customer communications in the moments that matter.
  • Easily converting customers to the digital process.
  • Leveraging digital touchpoints to promote other products and services.
  • Capturing loyalty member actions and using this insight to drive increased engagement.

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79% Of customers surveyed indicated that they are very satisfied with loyalty programs with high personalization. Loyalty programs that make customers feel special and recognized had 2.7 times more satisfied members.

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