Been tasked with digitally transforming your business? Start with your customer communication

Digitally transforming a business’s processes is a massive undertaking. It requires new and upgraded technologies, top to bottom change management and the transformation of internal (employee) and external (customer) interactions. The success of digital transformation could determine whether a business flourishes or fades:

Gartner has predicted that digital business will represent 36% of a business’s overall revenue by 2020

But, where do you start?

Start with transforming your customer communication.

Focusing on digital communication offers many benefits to a business looking to enhance customer experience. And since 60% of customers report switching between contact channels based on their current whereabouts and activities, it’s imperative that a business is able to communicate effectively in a range of ways.

Get the document to discover why it makes sense to start with transforming your customer communication and learn more about:

  • The state of digital transformation and what is driving this process
  • What customers want when communicating digitally with an organization
  • What customers are likely to do in the absence of digital transformation
  • Which industries are leading digital transformation
  • What digitally transformed companies are achieving that others aren’t
  • The cost of not taking the necessary steps to transform digitally
  • What transforming businesses can achieve with the right technology

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Gartner has predicted that digital business will represent 36% of a business’s overall revenue by 2020

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