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Email is a familiar communication tool that plays an essential role in everyday life.

Use email  to communicate targeted, relevant information in an appealing design with a proactive call-to-action.

Email allows you to push more users to your mobile applications and web portals. You can reach your customers anytime and anywhere – whether they are at work on a desktop, on the move with their smartphone or at home using a tablet.

Email is also ideal for sending personal and confidential documents as secure attachments.

Improve the customer experience with secure document delivery today


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Know when to use email for your customer communications

Convert these document types to digital and you will enhance your customer experience, improve business efficiency and reduce costs:



Your customers will happily convert from paper to digital when they experience the convenience of an electronic statement over a paper or static one.


Reduce the costs associated with billing by enabling your customers to receive, view and pay their bill in a secure digital process.



Experience an electronic billing platform that provides flexible output formats, catering for all eInvoicing system requirements


Harness the power of email marketing by achieving the right blend of relevant content, suitable target group and perfect timing.


Leverage your data to send personalized offers, letters and notices by email.


Collection notices

Send collection notices electronically in an efficient, immediate way to reach delinquent customers.


Policies and contracts

Cut your paper costs significantly by replacing paper policies, updates, notifications, statements and contracts with secure electronic documents.