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Paper turnoff

Whether you want to cut costs or reduce your impact on the environment, getting your customers to consent to digital communication and switch off paper is a key factor in the success of your digital transformation strategy.

You can achieve significant adoption of paperless processes with minimal effort from your customers using our proven conversion and consent methods. Saying “yes” to going paperless only takes one click.

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Reach your paper turnoff goals

We can help you achieve your paper turnoff goals:

Reduce costs

The business case for moving to digital communication is an easy one. Simply compare the cost of printing a letter or bill and sending it by mail, to the cost of an email.

In addition to replacing paper, the business efficiencies you can achieve through digital will contribute to further cost savings by encouraging customer self-service (less calls to the call center) and reducing manual processes.

Be environmentally friendly

Digital technology offers far more environmentally friendly alternatives for your business to engage customers.

Customer communications used to involve compiling, designing, and printing newsletters, or printing off reams of invoices and sending them by post.

Using the right digital channel (email, mobile apps, web portals and text messaging), your business can reduce its carbon footprint by helping customers move away from paper processes.