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Access secure interactive document storage online

Access secure interactive document storage online

Customers appreciate being able to choose how and when they access confidential correspondence and expect personal documents to be easy to find, easy to access and totally secure.

Striata’s Secure Document Presentation (SDP) solution is a highly secure method of providing online access to information contained in confidential documents.

Designed to interface with your existing customer portal and mobile apps, the SDP enables an enhanced customer experience through interactivity, without exposing security vulnerabilities which could put the document contents at risk.

Offer your customers a great user experience when viewing personal documents – as either an interactive web or PDF, without sacrificing security.

Make online documents interactive and secure

Leverage the advantages of our Secure Document Presentation (SDP) solution:


Multiple layers of security built into the platform will protect your stored documents from unauthorized access and ensure that only approved systems and users can request a document. Documents presented through the SDP cannot be exploited to reach other documents. 

Your customers can view or download their personal documents without risk of interception.

Fast implementation

A highly secure document storage solution with an innovative online presentation capability that can be deployed into your environment or implemented as a SaaS/Cloud solution. Easy to use integration points using a common API.

Your IT team will appreciate how quickly and easily this solution can be integrated into your CRM architecture.

Existing customer channels

The SDP solution does not require the introduction of new web interfaces or desktop/mobile applications. Rather, it plugs into existing interfaces that your customers already use to interact with your business such as your mobile app or web portal. The SDP solution does not require the introduction of new web interfaces or desktop/mobile applications.

Your customers can access their own documents through familiar channels.


You can use our solution to store any type of electronic document format including EMC, PDF, HTML, image files, spreadsheets, and make these available through multiple access points such as your web portal or mobile app.

Customer experience is optimized with Striata’s highly secure, proprietary EMC format which enables rich content and different formats to be included in a single package.

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Improve the customer experience with secure document delivery today


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