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Evaluate to improve

Tracking and reporting is a huge benefit of digital communications, as it not only provides great insight into how well your communication has performed , but also allows you to tweak future communications for a better outcome.

We provide insight that helps you understand your customer’s behavior and improve engagement levels. In addition to getting summary and detailed reports by email, you can also monitor your communication status in real-time directly from our platform.

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Use our tracking and activity reports to improve performance

You can choose the reporting frequency and delivery method best suited to your needs:



You can schedule to receive customer engagement statistics such as delivery, open rate, click tracking and device usage reports by email at a frequency of your choosing.



You can view the build and distribution status of your communication projects in real-time on the platform.


We provide an audit trail of the status of your communication at various points in the process, using a combination of platform reporting and notifications customized to your needs.


Track engagement against your specific goals via activity statistics that we will send  to your internal information systems, customer relationship management platform and data warehouse.

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