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Digital Communications Maturity Framework

Digital Communications Maturity Framework

Do you know the current state of all the digital communication your organization sends to customers?

Like it or not, customer experience is the top competitive differentiator in today’s digital world and digital communication plays a vital role in creating great ‘moments that matter’.

But, it’s one thing to recognize the need to improve digital communication – the real challenge is in defining the right strategy and knowing how to achieve it.

Before that can happen, you need a full picture of the status quo of the digital communication your organization sends to customers, as well as the strategy that governs those messages

A useful approach is to measure your current status on a digital communications maturity framework.  This will help you:

  • Define a transformation plan
  • Set goals
  • Create roadmaps
  • Measure your success


Plotting the maturity of your organization’s messaging strategy and digital communication is the basis from which to plan an enhancement strategy

A digital communications maturity framework provides a picture of how your organization compares in an increasingly competitive, digitally savvy industry.

A workshop with Striata experts, focuses on understanding where your organization is on the maturity scale, and mapping the next steps in the digital transformation of your business’s communication strategy.

Using our digital model, we will help you:

  1. Create the big picture – the end goal of transformation

  2. Map your ‘as-is’ situation using our industry-aligned maturity models

  3. Identify quick wins (practical and manageable next steps) to move your organization along the maturity continuum

  4. Track progress on the digital maturity model using a scorecard

  5. Constantly re-evaluate priorities

Rather than a once-off approach, our consultants work with you to identify and implement the next steps, as you progress in digital maturity.

We also work alongside your senior leadership and transformation team to migrate operational and marketing communication processes to digital messages that contribute to a great customer experience.

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Digitally transforming a business’s communication processes is a massive undertaking. It requires new and upgraded technologies, top to bottom change management and the transformation of internal (employee) and external (customer) interactions.