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Top 5 Striata blog posts of 2019

Our Top 5 Blog 2019

Our digital customer communication experts delighted our subscribers and social media followers with some really awesome blog post content this year. 

Customer experience is clearly a hot topic, as is email accessibility. 

Featured below are our top 5 blog posts. Enjoy the read

Behind every great CX is a well designed digital strategy

Digital transformation changes the way a business interacts with its customers.

Linda Misauer explains how a strong digital strategy can set a great customer experience. She provides 4 steps to kickstart the process of digitally transforming the CX.


Employee engagement is key to achieving a great customer experience

Employee Experience (EX) vs Customer Experience (CX) – can one survive without the other?

Research shows that CX leaders have more engaged employees. Read Brent Haumann’s take on this – as discussed at the Customer 360 Africa conference.


Great operational messaging can improve your customer’s digital experience – Here’s how

Operational messages are key to enhancing your customers’ digital experience. But, if they are inconsistent with marketing messages, this could result in a fractured digital experience for customers.

Elizabeth Stephen explains the value of great operational messages – includes video on how to align all your digital customer communications for a fracture-free CX.


Personalization is great but relevant content is key

Your customers want to know that you understand their individual needs and expect the digital communications you send them to substantiate this with targeted and relevant content.

Dori-Jo Bonner discusses why relevant content trumps personalization and shares four steps to achieving true content relevance.


3 Ways you can make your emails more accessible to all

Now is the time to audit and update emails to be readable for people with conditions such as impaired vision, color blindness, dyslexia and epilepsy.

Mia Papanicolaou provides 3 focus areas for making your emails more accessible.


We look forward to adding great value to your inbox again in 2020.

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