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Collaboration puts humans back at the center of communication

Why Collaboration Is Key To Achieving Human Centered Communication

In Part 1 of this blog series, we looked at the symptoms of a fractured digital experience and the underlying organizational causes. 

Part 2 looked at 4 focus areas that are key to achieving human-centered communication. 

In this post, Nicola argues that collaboration is key to achieving a more human-centered communication approach, and explains how technology is enabling more collaboration between traditional competitors.

Make no mistake, achieving true human-centered communication is a massive undertaking, and not one to attempt without the appropriate, expert skills.

Specialist skills such as customer and employee research; data aggregation and analytics and digital communication, are essential to the success of the project.

Gone are the days when a company could do everything themselves. It’s hard to attract and retain staff that can focus on your core business, but also make time to contribute to such a large undertaking.

Collaboration is now the name of the game

Building close and mutually beneficial relationships with specialist providers is the only way to tackle this kind of project.

Fortunately, technology has not only enabled a higher level of collaboration, but also the kind of system integration which elevates partnerships above the sum of the parts. And the speed at which technology is advancing, means a very short ramp up time – one that most large organizations cannot achieve.

Find the right partners

Collaborating with thought leaders and technology providers, will ensure that you are able to execute a successful, human-centric communication strategy.

Finding the best partners is a challenge, but one that will secure long term benefits.

Here’s what to look for:

  • Customer and employee insights

A partner that engages directly with employees about their real world experiences in dealing with customers, in order to elicit hands-on feedback. Furthermore, is able to engage with customers themselves to understand their current experience when interacting with the company, and to model the ideal experience from the customer’s viewpoint.

  • Data analytics 

A data-focused company that enables your business to gain greater insight into customer behavior by leveraging data, using specific data analytics software. Thus, enabling more personalized and targeted, customer communications.

  • Digital communication 

A digital communication agency with the skills and expertise to marry both qualitative and quantitative customer insights that can assist your business to enhance CX by providing regular and relevant customer communication.

Not only is collaboration a ticket to achieving true human-centered communication, but it also allows companies to extend beyond their core offering, to provide even more value to their customers – now that they know exactly what their customers want, of course.

The nature of competition has changed

The old way was to watch your competitors from afar and avoid engaging with any business that might compete.

Nowadays, organizations can’t really survive without engaging with partners, vendors or even clients, that at some point could compete with them.

The objective of collaborating with specialists, is to reduce the effort, knowledge, resources and time required to implement solutions.

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Nicola Els

Nicola Els

Commercial Strategist - Striata Africa

Nicola is Commercial Strategist for Striata South Africa, focused on assisting leading brands in SA and Africa with their digital communication strategies.

Nicola began her career working for a property related IT company. In 2008, she became Head of eBilling for Striata SA and was promoted into the role of Commercial Director. Nicola has since gained significant experience in the banking sector, as Head of Commercialize for Absa Digital Channels and Barclays Africa, followed by a position with Standard Bank, where her focus was on building socially integrated customer banking channels. Nicola also has a number of years’ experience in consulting within the digital space, helping startups and small business grow their digital assets.

Nicola’s professional certifications and licenses include a Bachelor of Arts (English and Law) and an LLB from the University of Johannesburg.

Read more of Nicola's blog posts here or connect with her on the following social channels: :