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Insights and analytics

As data and integration specialists, our job is to gather the information you need to improve performance of your digital marketing campaigns, enabling you to reach your business goals.

Our communications are designed to promote interaction and we use every available channel to bring information such as leads, ‘call me’ actions and responses back to where it is most valuable.

We send the information both in the format required by your systems and in what is needed for your management reports.

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Improve engagement through advanced reporting on your customer’s behavior

Get the information you need to understand your customer’s behavior and improve engagement on your digital customer communications:

Do it yourself

You can choose to monitor your campaign in real-time, directly from our platform or schedule recurring reports to be delivered to you by email. Native reports from the platform track message delivery, open rate, click tracking and device usage.

Let us do it for you

We can interpret the information provided by the platform and combine it with conversion data to help you improve engagement levels.