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Maximize customer engagement with hyper-personalization

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According to WebEngage, 90% of enterprises are stuck in the segmentation and rules based marketing phase…

But, customers expect hyper-personalized experiences.

Your customers expect you to know them and then deliver rich communications filled with content that they care about. Today, it is more than “Hi Mike”, it’s the layer down where you change tone, approach, best offer etc. all tailored to each individual customer

This type of personalization that drives value takes into account all the relative factors, namely; who you are, your digital savviness, your spend, etc… But, how are brands able to do this?

Watch our Vlog  to learn how you can leverage your chosen AI and analytics technologies to deliver hyper-personalized messages to your customers. It also includes some prime examples of hyper-personalization in the market today.

Key discussion points

  • Enhance the digital customer experience through hyper-personalized experiences
  • Use data to refine communications for enhanced customer engagement
  • Promote a seamless digital experience regardless of device or channel
  • Create digital relationships with customers
Striata Communications

Striata Communications

Striata Digital Customer Communication

The world’s largest financial services, utility, insurance, retail and telecommunications companies achieve unrivalled results by replacing print and mail with Striata’s interactive electronic documents and transactional messages.

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