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Did you know - customers can pay email bills in just one click?

Make Bill Payment Easy For Your Customers & The Result Is A Good CX 1

Today’s customers demand a great customer experience across every interaction they have with a company, from sign-up and purchase, through relationship building, marketing and billing.

Payment is an important part of that CX journey, so it makes sense to provide a quick, simple process for your customers to pay a bill, especially one they receive by email.

Did you know that customers can pay email bills in just one click?

A single click payment process brings ease of use and convenience to customers as well as significant benefits to business.

How does one click email bill payment work?

See for yourself

Make bill payment a quick and convenient process!

Watch this video to discover how your customers can make a payment from within their email bill, set up recurring payments or save their details for easy future payments.

We can help you reduce time and expense when collecting payments, while delivering a great customer experience using one click bill payment

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Mia Papanicolaou

Mia Papanicolaou

Chief Operating Officer at Striata, The Americas

Mia heads up North, Central and South America operations, overseeing sales, client services and operations management. Mia is passionate about ensuring that all solutions implemented meet the best fit criteria for each client and deliver the best user experience for their customers. She is a regular blogger and speaker on the subject of email communication and has built a reputation as a thought leader.

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