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AI powered customer communications will boost CX in insurance

To remain competitive, insurers need to invest heavily in technologies that improve customer experience. Read how AI powered customer communications can help insurers achieve a great CX

Did you know - customers can pay email bills in just one click?

Bill payment is an important part of customer experience (CX), so it makes sense to provide a quick, simple process for your customers to pay a bill, especially one they receive by email.

Why utilities need to digitize their collections notices

Mia Papanicolaou explains why digitizing collection notices are no longer a nice-to-have, but should be a critical part of every utility’s wider customer communication strategy

Striata’s expert bloggers, namely our managers, executives and developers discuss and share tips on various topics related to digital customer communications.

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Email Marketing

Secure your Inbox!

Hillary Clinton made headlines the last few weeks by using her personal email address, instead of a State Department issued one. Need more advice on email security?