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Insights from the 2016 “e-Invoicing/e-Billing: Digitisation & Automation” report by Billentis

Billentis Report 2016

It’s our 5th year as a sponsor of the annual Billentis report, a research initiative that looks at developments and trends in the eInvoicing and eBilling arena. Every year, the report provides us with insight into the market trends, food-for-thought and a benchmark against which to review our value proposition in this space.

We are pleased to see the continued acceptance of email as the de facto delivery method for electronic invoices and bills.

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All-in-all the 2016 Billentis report paints a rosy picture of continuing development in the eInvoicing and eBilling space. Governments, vendors, large billing organisations and SMEs are all adopting new electronic processes as they strive to reduce costs and increase completeness and accuracy of information. The harmonisation regulations in the EU space will fuel further development in the sector and improve cross border data flows and payments.

With specific reference to the EU market, the ‘Fat Tail’ of eInvoicing, representing over 90% of invoice numbers, comes from SMEs where the ease of sending PDF documents (now including an XML structured data layer) will drive the paperless agenda for many years to come.

eInvoicing networks are beginning to accept that they will need to be the conduit for the data that is contained in these invoices and  will have to create the same exception handling processes, but using the ubiquity of email.

This market is only just starting to gather momentum…can’t wait to see what the next 5 years bring!

Michael Wright

Michael Wright

Co-Founder and Non-executive Director

Michael studied finance and accounting, graduating with B.Com (Hons) and becoming a Chartered Accountant (CA SA). He articled at PWC and rose to Principal Manager for Consulting & Assurance Services. He joined VWV Interactive as managing director, a web design and e-commerce agency, before following his entrepreneurial instincts.

He founded Striata in 1999 with the vision of providing digital communication services to corporate South Africa. Two decades on, Striata is an award-winning “visionary” in the CCM market and provides digital communication strategy, services and software to financial services, utilities, insurance, retail and telecommunications companies across 6 continents. Striata was acquired by Doxim in 2020.

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