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Our top CCM blog posts of 2016! The blog series dominated!

Our Top CCM 2016 FeatureImage2

Our bloggers produced some truly awesome posts this year! I got our email data experts to do what they do best and reveal which posts delighted our subscribers and social media followers the most. The result: Our two blog series proved to be the most popular!

The complexity of email blog series

LindaBy Linda Misauer

A lot goes into creating and distributing email campaigns. There are many moving parts that need to come together to create and deliver the perfect email.

The email creation process can be broken down into several areas, each requiring its own set of expertise. Linda covers each of these areas in her awesome 5 part blog series:

Part 1: Planning your email campaign
Data management-ppt
Part 2: Data management
Part 3: Building and testing emails
Part 4: Email security

Part 5: Sending emails

Linda also created a great infographic to summarise this blog series.

Understanding email authentication blog series

MichelleBy Michelle van den Berg

The tools used to enable email authentication have been around for a long time, but many companies still don’t understand what they do and why there is a need for them.

Some internet service providers (ISP’s) are getting stricter with authentication. Furthermore, the imminent changes in Google will mean that recipients will start getting warnings if senders have not set up their authentication properly.

In her great 3 part blog series, Michelle explains the frameworks (SPF , DKIM & DMARC) that are available to authenticate outbound email campaigns in more detail – how they work and how they should be implemented.

Part 1: Sender Policy Framework (SPF)
Part 2: Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM)
DMARCPart 3: Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance (DMARC)

Michelle also put together an awesome infographic to help explain email authentication and how it works.


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Alison Treadaway

Alison Treadaway

Director at Striata, South Africa

Alison Treadaway is a director at global paperless communication specialist, Striata. She is involved in defining business strategy, nurturing organizational culture, promoting employee wellness and mentoring talent.

Passionate about organizational culture, she is particularly interested in protecting and enhancing Striata’s stories, traditions and unique approach to achieving success. To this end, she interviews 90% of approved candidates to ensure that Striata’s work ethic and social culture will continue to thrive as the organization globalizes.

Alison has 19 years of experience in the ICT sector, having worked at Internet Solutions and Dimension Data prior to joining Striata in 2002. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (Languages, WITS) and a post-graduate diploma in business administration from Wits Business School.

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