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Blog series: Complexity of email - Part 1: Planning your email campaign

The complexity of email - Plan email campaign

There are so many things to consider before you embark on an email campaign.

Complexity of email planning section

Here are some key points to think about in your planning phase:

  • Design
  • Content Planning
    • Goal of the email and the call to actions (CTA)
    • Dynamic content
    • Videos, animations and other exciting content options
    • Personalization
  • Schedule planning
    • Cadence – The email cadence is the rhythmic repeating pattern of email communications. It includes the number of emails sent, the spacing between emails, the content sent and the audience receiving the email
    • Frequency – the frequency is how often campaigns and communication cycles run

Keep an eye on your inbox for part 2 in this series: Data Management

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Complexity of email planning section
Complexity data management section
Complexity building section
Complexity testing section
Complexity sending section
Complexity sending section

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