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Introducing our digital professional, Stergios Saltas - Operational Director, Africa

Meet Stergios Saltas

In this, the second post in our blog series where we shine the spotlight on our executive staff members – our digital gurus, we introduce you to another digital professional Stergios Saltas, our Operational Director for Africa.

Stergios believes that company culture has always been a major factor in Striata’s success and his own personal work satisfaction. Read on to see what else Stergios has to say about life at Striata and working in a digital world…

What’s your backstory (how did you end up working for Striata)?

​I began my career in IT as a software developer. Since joining Striata in 2002, I have been exposed to so many exceptional people. I feel fortunate to be in an environment where I can grow my knowledge in customer​ service​, ​digital professional ​communication, strategy​ and management​.​

How has the business changed since you joined?

Striata has grown from a garage company to a world leader in digital communication. Our changes have been fueled by understanding our customers’ requirements and advising them on how to best leverage the opportunities of digital transformation. As our customer requirements have changed from paperless communication to digital ROI and electronic payment, we have ensured the business is able to accommodate these requirements.

What has remained constant in the business since you joined?

We have always focused on the people we work with. From the day I joined, the company culture has always been a major factor in our success and my personal work satisfaction.

What do you appreciate most about working at Striata?

Working at Striata allows me to be exposed to people who are passionate about what they do, how they do it and the industry that they are influencing. Our approach to customer engagement and digital transformation has allowed me to confidently say that we are the best at what we do.

What is the most important lesson the next generation need to learn about operating in a digital world?

Be open to change! The digital world is fast paced and will change your outlook in all aspects of digital communication, from security to payments and delivery.

If you could give your younger self (before you became digitally active) advice on how to behave in the digital world, what would it be?

  • Adopt early
  • What is on the internet is there forever
  • Be secure
  • Protect your personal information
Stergios Saltas

Stergios Saltas

Operations Director, Africa

Stergios Saltas is Operations Director at Striata, with a focus on the Africa region.

With 20 years’ experience in the ICT industry, Stergios is responsible for guiding the strategic direction and daily operations of the African business. During his career at Striata, Stergios mastered a wide range of roles where he oversaw the management and delivery of messaging solutions.

Stergios is dedicated to understanding client needs and executing solutions with precision; ensuring that Striata products meet the highest standards of quality and functionality; while promoting the wellbeing of Striata’s valuable resources.

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