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The best and worst of festive season eMarketing in 2015 - digital style

Tis The Season 2

Now that we only have about two more weeks left of festive season madness, I thought it would be a good time to reflect on the past three months. The best and worst, the tears and the triumphs – sounds dramatic, I know, but this is festive season marketing – digital style.


  • The heat wave – wearing shorts to work and rocking it
  • End of year socials with awesome clients
  • The energy in the office and the panic – with a true sense of team spirit
  • That awesome feeling you get when you see your hard work live and ‘out there’
  • Results – achieving the impossible
  • Being so hectically, hysterically, out of this world, no time to talk, meetings that should have been emails, crazy busy (it’s a good problem to have)


  • Seeing snow and snowmen or frosted windows on approved creative work supplied by South African companies. When last did it snow in this country, in December? Ummm, it’s a heatwave!
  • Having to find new and exciting alternatives for “Merry Christmas.” Seriously, there are only so many ways to say – “Happy Holidays”, “Enjoy the festive season” “Season’s greetings”, “Have a great summer” – before you just give up and go with something like “Shhhweeet” or “Cheers”
  • The rush of seasonal campaigns makes you suddenly realize you have two days between Friday and Monday to complete an urgent project
  • Let the sleigh-bells ring… timelines may just be suggestions, but deadlines at this time of year are absolutely unmissable
  • The heat wave! There may or may not have been fights about how wide the window should be open. There is a delicate balance you see, it must be open wide enough to let in the cool breeze, but not too wide so as to let the 100 degree sun rays cause a glare on my screen.
  • Black Friday…in more ways than one
  • Being so hectically, hysterically, out of this world, no time to talk, meetings that should have been emails, crazy busy
  • Essential Survival Guide:Essential survival guide icon cloud

    • Caffeine, Chocolate, Ice cream
    • Margarita Mondays – yes that’s a thing
    • An amazing company culture
    • Unwavering teamwork
    • Most of all – the best clients ever!

    As much as I have poked fun at my job, I am also truly grateful for all the wonderful work this year and so, I just want to say THANK YOU to our awesome clients! 2015 Has been great and without you, we wouldn’t have funny blog posts to write at the end of it all!

    Hopefully, this made you smile! Happy holidays and all the best for the festive season! Shhhweeet.

    But wait! Before you dust off your sun hat and swimsuit – be sure to schedule a coffee date with me to discuss how we are going to make 2016 a frikkin’ awesome marketing year for you – digital style…

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