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Add value to your customer lifecycle marketing with triggered messages

Published on 07 Feb 2019

Triggered messaging is not a new email marketing strategy, yet it still plays an integral part of  customer lifecycle marketing. It allows marketers to send relevant content at the right time, when the customer needs and goes a long way in ensuring a great customer experience, which ultimately leads to loyalty and retention. Read the articles below to learn more about triggered messaging and how it can enhance your customer lifecycle marketing.

How Transactional Emails Add Value to Your Lifecycle Marketing

A catchy intro, as the author uses some everyday examples to support his statement: “it’s the boring things that matter most.” Like, broccoli! Some food for thought – literally. Now, when we relate this to email marketing, it’s clear that transactional email falls into this ‘boring’ category, which is unfortunate, as “transactional emails are opened more than two times as much as non-transactional emails and have a median click-through rate of 4.8%, exactly three times higher than non-transactional messages”IBM Marketing Cloud Study. Read further to learn how transactional emails can add value to your lifecycle marketing. A few great examples included, as well as good advice from various industry influencers.   


The Highest Converting Lifecycle Marketing Emails Your eCommerce Company Should Be Sending

In the realm of digital marketing, email marketing is still considered a profitable strategy and even more so if the emails are triggered. “Studies show that triggered emails (a.k.a lifecycle emails) get 624% higher conversion responses than bulk, generic emails.” It is noted that the five highest converting emails are triggered emails, namely: abandoned cart emails; win-back emails; welcome series emails; VIP campaigns and replenishment emails. All of which help marketers gain lifetime value from their customers. In this article, you will discover more about each of these triggered email types – interesting statistics, the benefits they offer, as well as tips on how to execute them successfully.


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The 3 Best Triggered Email Messages to Send

We are once again reminded of the important role big data, hyper personalization and triggered messages play in creating more engaging digital communications which enhance the customer experience. Yet, based on a study by Yes, Lifecycle Marketing, “17% of marketers cited a lack of tools for personalization, and 26 percent stated the process of creating customized campaigns as tedious.”  Triggered messages are an ideal and simple way to create engaging, customized experiences for your customers. This article identifies three types of triggered messages that deliver higher read rates, click through rates and conversion rates…


A tip from our email marketing guru:

“Lifecycle-based triggered communications in the form of personalized messages, automatically sent to individuals on a special date or event are an important component in achieving good engagement and a great customer experience. The full power of triggered communications is in the ability to build a powerful relationship with your customer through constant touchpoints!”

Ross Sibbald

Commercial Director, Africa

Do you want to know how to leverage the power of email to drive successful customer lifecycle communications?

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Alison Treadaway

Alison Treadaway

Vice President, Marketing, Striata, a Doxim Company

She joined the Striata in 2002, and served as Managing Director of the African region for 13 years. Prior to this, Alison’s experience in Internet-related solutions included marketing and sales positions at Internet Solutions and Dimension Data.

Alison has 24 years of experience in the ICT sector. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (Languages, WITS) and a Post-graduate Diploma in Business Administration (WITS Business School).

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