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4 Tips and tricks to drive engagement with your brand through digital communications

Brand Engagement Through Digital Channels

It is critical for every organization to keep their clients engaged with their brand. We all know that digital channels are ideal  for customer communications based on a host of reasons:  reduced cost, better customer experience, enhanced security, and the list goes on.

So, what happens when interest in your digital communications start to wane?

A declining open rate is indicative of your customers disengaging with your communications. But this doesn’t have to be a slippery slope – refresh your communications regularly and you will see a renewed interest  in your engagement statistics. Before you embark on a refresh, make sure you have successfully covered the basics such as:

  • Are you following best practice in creative design, content choice and call to action placement?
  • Is your brand keeping up with digital marketing trends, such as video in email?
  • Are your communications cross-device compatible to ensure a consistent customer experience?
  • Are your digital communications accessible to all?

4 tips and tricks to drive engagement with your brand through digital communications:

1. Refresh your email template

When last did you refresh your template creative and design or update the content? Have you tried new forms of email technology available, such as video? It has already been proven through rigorous testing of email content  that adding ‘motion’ drives engagement. Adding video a giant step towards increasing your open and click rates. If you’re not ready for video yet, making simple changes to the template layout and content will drive up engagement too.

2. Design for mobile

Are your email templates mobile friendly? Mobile usage is increasing all the time. 51% of all email is now opened on mobile, and 61% of webmail users open their email on mobile devices.  Designing for mobile  should not be an option when creating templates – it should be compulsory.  Research has shown that emails that look bad on mobile devices get deleted!

3. Craft effective & engaging subject lines

What about your subject lines? You may have done all the hard work ensuring your creative and content is fresh and your emails present consistently across all devices – but if the subject line does not grab the reader’s attention, they will not open the email. The subject line needs to be short, to the point, and drive an action from the user. And you don’t have to guess which subject line will drive up your open rate, you can test, test, test until you find the right combination. These are just some ideas for keeping your customers engaged through fresh digital communications. 

4. Ensure your email communications are accessible to ALL

Are your email communications accessible to all? What is email accessibility? Making emails more accessible means ensuring that ALL people can read and understand the content – taking into account any disabilities they may have or assistive devices they could be using to access their email messages. Accessibility is not just a coding change and requirement though. Most of the principles that make emails accessible for people with disabilities are applied before the first line of code is written. Read about three ways you can make your emails accessible to all.

We have more great tips & tricks and are happy to share them with you!

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Grant Shortridge

Grant Shortridge

Technical Account Director, UK

Grant has over 15 years of experience in the IT and telecommunications industry. Before joining Striata, Grant worked for one of South Africa's largest mobile network operators. He started as a Project Manager at Striata in 2005. Grant has an in-depth business and technical understanding, having consulted to a variety of blue chip customers on the implementation, return on investment and enhancements of their Striata electronic messaging solution.

As Technical Account Director, Grant is responsible for a team of resources that cover sales, account management, projects, operations, development and testing. Grant holds a National Diploma in Information Technology as well as a National Diploma in Horticulture (both from Cape Town University of Technology).

Read more of Grant's blog posts here or connect with him on the following social channels: