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Understanding the value of transactional email

Published on 31 Jan 2019

When last did you consider the transactional emails your company is sending to customers – the emails that are triggered by an event and automatically sent out? Don’t be surprised to find them poorly structured, lacking your brand identity, outdated and not even tracked… Ironically these emails achieve the most engagement, as your customers are expecting them. Read further to discover how you can leverage the opportunities these emails present, to extend your brand and ultimately enhance your customers’ experience.

How Top Brands Profit from Their Transactional Emails (and How You Can, Too)

Transactional emails have a significantly higher open rate compared to general email communications because they are expected by consumers. Most of these communications  however, bypass the Marketing department. As a result, they are not aligned with current marketing efforts, aren’t correctly branded and generally fracture the customer experience. If your company’s transactional emails need a relook, then you will find this article a valuable read. Included are “four bullet-proof ways to make your transactional emails enticing, engaging, and click-worthy” A few nice examples in there as well!


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By the Numbers: Transactional Email Benchmark Report

Transactional emails are still very much a part of our digital lifestyle today – reminding us of our purchase history, tracking workflows as well as providing us with security alerts and notifications. They play a vital role in the customer experience and assisting businesses increase traffic to their websites and apps, as well as driving customer loyalty and retention. SparkPost presents benchmarks for the state of transactional email in 2018 in its Transactional Email Benchmark Report. The report is available for download from within the article and gives insight into the following:

  1. The types of businesses that use transactional email
  2. Transactional email sending patterns
  3. Goals and objectives for transactional email
  4. Roles and responsibilities for sending transactional email
  5. Delivery and other technical challenges these senders face


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Unlocking the full potential of transactional emails

We are once again reminded that despite the vital role transactional email plays in binding businesses with its customers, this channel is ignored by marketers and it’s potential, (sadly) wasted. This article serves to educate marketers on how to get value from their transactional emails, the correct way. You will read how it’s best to keep your marketing emails separate from your transactional emails – meaning that they should be sent from separate IP addresses. Also some good advice about maintaining the primary purpose of the message – avoid including too much  commercial content in these emails. Did you know if you “use the same links and sites in your commercial and transactional messages, then your transactional messages can get marked as spam”? Read on to learn more.


A tip from our email marketing expert:

“Treat transactional emails as a vital part of the brand experience – make sure they adhere to the brand identity and digital communication guidelines. Some notifications can be time critical, so keep the message size small and minimize the risk of the message being filtered by adhering to email marketing best practice. This doesn’t mean the transactional message must be devoid of layout, design or value add. Don’t waste the opportunity to use these customer touch points for brand awareness, cross sell, up sell and establishing a dialogue with your customer. Keep it simple but use the opportunity to reinforce your brand, make an offer or get feedback.”

Mia Papanicolaou

Chief Operating Officer, Americas

Ready to move beyond the basic process of transactional email and leverage the opportunities this channel offers? We can help you...

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Alison Treadaway

Alison Treadaway

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