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The role of email in omnichannel marketing

Published on 27 Mar 2019

While the digital world evolves at a rapid pace, email remains the customer communication channel of choice. This is due to its ubiquity, ability to deliver relevant, personalized customer experiences and its seamless integration with other communication channels.

Read further to discover more about the significant role email plays in an omnichannel marketing strategy

Why Email Is Essential to Your New Omnichannel Marketing Strategy

Aside from email being identified as the most effective digital marketing channel, it also creates the foundation for further online interactions and it is a great first step in any omnichannel communication strategy. It is noted here that the email address is essentially a customer’s Digital ID – it allows marketers to track and record a customer’s digital footprint, which gives insight into their buying behavior. Data gathered from email behavior enables personalization, which is key to achieving a good omnichannel experience. Read further to discover “how you can use email as the first step in your omnichannel strategy” and three  ways you can use this Digital ID to improve and scale your marketing strategy via personalization, deliverability, and re-targeting.


The Critical Role of Email in Omnichannel Marketing

With customer expectations of relevant, personalized and seamless experiences when interacting with brands, omnichannel is no longer an option, but rather, a key marketing strategy. Email plays a vital role in omnichannel marketing. Referred to here as a ‘data goldmine,’ email enables tracking of the how, when and what – giving insight into the way recipients engage with messages. While email hashing allows marketers to gather data about their subscribers all across the web, to learn their habits and optimize omnichannel efforts to meet their needs. Unsure where to start with your omnichannel marketing? Start with leveraging your email data – read on for some great tips.


Why Email is the Ultimate Marketing Omnichannel

Email has certainly stood the test of time. It has been moulded into most people’s daily lives since the introduction of the online world. Research shows that “email is the top channel for driving leads and conversions,” while it is noted here that social media channels haven’t had the same success. A customer providing an organization with their email address is the first step in establishing an online relationship, especially if they consent to receiving marketing communications – a much stronger indication of brand loyalty and trust than a ‘like’ on social media. Email marketing also plays a significant role in the customer lifecycle, as it helps unify the ‘shrinking’ brick-and-mortar stores and their online counterparts. But, while “brick-and-mortar retail stores are closing at a rate that could see 1 in every 4 U.S. malls shuttered by 2022” Amazon.com has moved in-store! Read on for more about this.


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A tip from our email marketing expert:

“One of email’s great roles is targeting and nurturing prospects into becoming customers, encouraging them to become repeat customers and then ultimately loyal customers.

As a business you need to be innovative in your thinking. Leverage today’s technology, data insights and understand the digital trends. Know your customers’ preferred communication channels and integrate your communication tactics, in order to move forward in today’s digital world.”

Ross Sibbald

Commercial Director, Africa

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Alison Treadaway

Alison Treadaway

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