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Customer experience and digital customer communication strategies for 2021

Published on 28 Jan 2021

The events of 2020 caused a seismic shift in the way organizations, across all industries and across the globe, do business. Companies that weren’t riding the digital wave before then are doing so now, in order to remain competitive in a dynamic digital environment and better engage with their customers in a contactless era. A focus on customer experience today is key to success and a great way to improve on it is by having an effective digital customer communication strategy.

Here are three articles that will give you great guidance in terms of improving customer experience, as well as your digital customer communication strategies for 2021.

Brent Haumann concludes with four ways organizations can deliver a great experience in 2021 and beyond

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The 2021 Digital Communication Trends That Will Boost Your Business

To remain competitive in today’s increasingly digital landscape, companies need to focus on providing a great customer experience. Advancements in technology have given rise to new opportunities for organizations to improve customer experience through enhanced digital communication efforts and streamlined business processes.

The events of 2020 catalyzed the shift to digital – both businesses and consumers alike have had to adapt quickly to interacting in a dynamic, digital environment. This digital trend will continue into 2021 and beyond and with it, digital communication, which plays a significant role in nurturing and growing the consumer/business relationship – vital to business success now and into the future.

This article discusses 6 digital customer communication trends expected in 2021, namely: “The future is mobile – and it’s already here; interactive messaging to build relationships; artificial intelligence at the forefront; money has gone digital; voice-enabled technology; a hybrid approach. Read further to learn more.


3 Lessons for reshaping digital customer experiences in 2021

“40% of consumers said they bought more online this year (2020) than they ever had before, with some industries, like grocery stores and some retailers, seeing that uptick more than others.”

Organizations across all industries have realized the benefit of digitalization and began to reshape their businesses to enable a more digital approach in the way they operate and interact with consumers.  Advances in technology and heightened consumer expectations have also fueled many companies’ digital goals, while COVID has accelerated the shift.

The pandemic changed customer behavior and preferences and businesses scrambled to keep in touch, as well as keep up with changing customer expectations in a restrictive, contactless environment. 

In this article, you will read about three lessons the authors learned about how today’s businesses “can build stronger customer relationships as we head into 2021” – namely: Customers want convenient and consistent experiences; customers crave authenticity; technology helps turn uncertainty into new opportunities.


Customer experience trends in 2021: What do the experts predict?

Every year, Econsultancy consults with various industry experts to determine what they believe will occur in the digital marketing environment in the months ahead. This year, the focus is on customer experience and eight trends have been identified:

  1. Re-evaluation of customer needs
  2. Investment needed for continuity across channels
  3. A renewed mandate for in-store experiences
  4. Ethical design
  5. CX as a functional specialism
  6. Chatbots need to do more
  7. Trust, CSR, diversity and inclusion; and their impact on brand
  8. A place for interactive experiences online, too

Read further for great input from the experts on each of these trends.


How to create a great customer experience in 2021 and beyond

2020 Changed your customers and so, the customer experience (CX) you provide needs to change too.  Here are four ways organizations can deliver a great experience in 2021.

  1. Meet your customers where they are, with a better service than before: Take note of what channels customers are using now and meet them there. Treat new digital users differently – they need more information and better support to make this transition.
  2. Empower customers to take control of their affairs: Where possible, offer easy to use, self-service options for customers that enable them to take control of their own affairs.
  3. Monitor changing customer engagement in real-time: Make sure you know how customers are engaging with your communications so that you can keep tweaking your message, frequency and tone to accommodate changing behaviors.
  4. Address the lasting effects in the content and tone of messaging: The current trauma felt by many people will continue to have lasting effects. Business messaging needs to take into account what people need the most. If it’s financial support – find a way to help customers save. If it’s emotional support, reach out with empathy and understanding.

With all of the above demanding our attention, it’s important to improve the digital agility of your business.

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s the importance of being able to adapt quickly, in case we have to respond to another shift of the same magnitude.

Brent Haumann

Managing Director, Africa