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Your digital customers will increase revenue and lower expenses

More revenue

According to Gartner’s CEO Concerns 2014: Business Gets Digital, the number one priority for CEO’s and business leaders today is growth.

Other than acquiring new customers, there are 2 more ways to grow a business:

  1. Get existing customers to purchase more frequently & spend more money
  2. Cut costs & lower expenses

An engaged customer = more revenue

While the cost savings associated with converting paper customers to digital is evident, the benefits don’t stop there.

Unlike paper, digital communications give you full visibility into how customers are interacting with your brand. This allows you to personalize and customize your communications, which in turn drives engagement. This increases customer retention and ultimately purchases/revenue.

Paperless means cost reduction, so give choices for going paperless

For high volume mailers such as Insurers, Financial institutions, Telecoms, Utilities and other companies, the annual cost of paper communications can be huge.  In order to combat these costs, many businesses have relied on their web portal to drive paperless adoption.  While a web portal is essential, using only one channel to turn off paper limits customer choice which leads to low paperless adoption rates.

Just as we’ve seen in the payment space, the more options you give a customer, the more likely and quicker they are to make that payment.  Furthermore, customer convenience is a major driver of paperless adoption. Cumbersome registration processes associated with web portals are a huge barrier for businesses trying to reach their paperless goals.

Adding another digital communication channel for paperless

By adding Push eDocument delivery, not only will you open up another channel for customers to go paperless, but the convenience of email delivery will quickly convert them into digital customers.  When it comes to paper suppression a higher adoption rate means bigger savings!

Engage customers and lower your expenses by adding Push eDelivery to your paperless arsenal.

To accomplish this, you must take the following steps:

  • Remove the barriers to paperless enrollment
  • Deliver eDocuments to the customer’s inbox
  • Incorporate marketing offers within the email

Are you ready to grow your business by leveraging digital communications?

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