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You know you're an email marketer when...

You Know You Are An Email Marketer When

I have been in email marketing for 8 years and I realized two things during that time. One – my job is very hard to explain to people outside of the industry. Two – I love my job. I admit it, I am an email marketing geek and I know quite a few email marketing geeks.

You know you’re an email marketer when…


1. … your favorite option in the A/B split test loses and you take it personally

2. …you don’t understand why the latest TV commercial from your favorite clothing brand isn’t customized specifically for you, based on your purchase behavior

3. …CTA, DKIM,SPF, CTR, DMARC, UAT and A/B makes perfect sense

4. …you hear the words “It’s approved, just change the hero image and the font type for all the copy to Calibri” and you take it in your stride

5. …you have a love/hate relationship with text versions

6. …triage is no longer a medical term, but rather what subscribers do with email

7. …you feel serious anxiety before hitting send on a campaign

8. …you get all your colleagues to gather at the newbie’s desk, to intentionally make them MORE nervous before hitting send on a campaign

9. …you tell your client it’s time for a refresh of their preference page, but secretly you just want to add cool micro UX to the form

10. …you get up for coffee and sneak past the QA team – SWAT training style – stop, drop and roll – because they are busy with responsive testing on Gmail App

11. …you get SO excited about how the subject line, symbol in preheader & personalization of the email come together perfectly in the preview pane on mobile, but your friends at the dinner table just don’t get it

12. …your parents can’t describe what you do for a living to their friends “ummm, she sends all the emails?!”

13. … a competitor’s email has a link to the online version on the online version and you smirk while imagining yourself moving a chess piece into place

14. …you are asked to either fix or troubleshoot email and phone issues at family functions

15. …a phishing attack has nothing to do with angry fish

16. …you’re pretty sure your fiancé proposed because he overheard you on the phone with a client, talking about how it’s about time to improve engagement or start over

17. …you die a little inside every time someone uses the words ’email strategy’ and ‘blast’ in the same sentence

Do you have some points to add? I would love to hear from you!

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