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Why secure email technologies won't turn off paper

Turn off paper

How do secure email solutions compare?

Secure email technology solutions require either online registration, multi-layer validation, software downloads or all of these. As such, they are simply too complex to be used for high-volume, eDocument delivery or eBilling. The majority aren’t supported by smart phones either – and if they are, a complex app download is required.

Billers and financial institutions, striving to turn off paper, need to completely eliminate any registration or sign-up process, which makes secure email solutions unusable for eBilling or secure eDocument delivery.

How Secure Electronic Document Delivery / Email Billing solves this challenge

A device agnostic solution is the only solution that offers customers true convenience. Keeping track of the ever-changing multiple operating systems and versions, email clients, mobile devices and settings is almost impossible. Customers must be able to open their secure document anywhere, without having to do or have done anything different.

The answer is in the strategy: secure the attachment and NOT the email.

Why secure the attachment vs. the entire mail?

Securely encrypted email attachments:

  • Viewable on ALL email capable mobile devices as well as any computer or tablet.
  • Can be opened with just one click.
  • No pre-registration is required and NO username and password to remember.
  • Recipients can print the attachment and have a perfect copy of his bill/document.
  • Can be saved locally and remain encrypted.

Securing the entire email however:

  • Requires high level of technical knowledge by recipient.
  • Mobile devices do not support email encryption.
  • Links back to websites are susceptible to phishing.
  • Pre-registration is required.
  • Costly marketing expenses are incurred to drive pre-registration.

Using email to securely deliver your bills, statements and other high volume documents is a great idea and is incredibly convenient for the consumer. So why send an email with a link back to a website when you can send the actual document itself?

If you want to achieve significant paperless adoption rates, we recommend that you keep it really simple. Adopt a one click, no registration approach and you will have a process that your customers will not only love, but will adopt in droves.

Improve the customer experience with secure document delivery today


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