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The 9 Big Rules that make our company Awesome

Our awesome rules

At Striata, we actively nurture our desired company culture, both on a social and work ethic level. We believe that a warm, hardworking, collaborative and fun company culture will sustain our business not only in ways we can measure, but even more so in subtle ways that we may never fully quantify.

How do you nurture company culture?

The first and most crucial, step in nurturing your culture is hiring the right people. I fully believe in the sentiment: “You don’t build a business, you build people, and then people build the business” (Zig Ziglar).

But, even if you do a great job of finding, attracting and hiring the best people, you cannot leave the culture to maintain itself. Culture is not a destination to be written into your short term goals. It’s a journey in which everyone in your business plays a role in constantly reinforcing your values, not just in words on posters and booklets, but with their everyday behaviour and decisions.

A while back we adapted a great booklet by Outsystems to produce our 9 Big Rules that make us Awesome. Yes, we created the (cliched) booklet, posters around the office and a document for email, but we really, really believe and live the values that the 9 Big Rules espouse.

We structure our hiring process to be as sure as possible that anyone joining Striata has the basic values that any commercial organization would want: respect, integrity, honesty, positivity, client-centric service ethic and accountability. But, these are just the ticket to the game…

We use the 9 Big Rules to proactively induct new hires into our culture – everyone gets a copy inside their Welcome Pack and it forms an integral part of our Welcome Academy sessions. We follow this up with an monthly award for the person who most awesomely acted in line with the Rule selected for that month.

9 Big Rules that make our company awesome
The ultimate goal of a company’s culture is twofold – get the organizational results you want, and enjoy doing it. Our company culture is one of the intangible benefits we can offer new hires, and a way of retaining talented staff. And going back Zig Ziglar’s quote – these are the people who will build the business.

Are you currently in the job market and looking to join an Awesome company? Well, we could also be looking for you!

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