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Secure your Inbox!

Secure your Inbox

Hillary Clinton made headlines the last few weeks by using her personal email address, instead of a State Department issued one. Early speculations were that she was using a public type of webmail account, but it turns out that her aides set up a private email server located at her residence. Secure your inbox now.

No matter what the outcome  for Mrs Clinton, it does highlight the fact that email  security has become increasingly important.

I performed a small experiment today and listed the online accounts that I have used in the past year. Using my common sites and a list from my password manager; I came up with just over 120 accounts. These are for sites ranging from social media to my utilities and Internet banking.

The common link in all of these? My email address…

The single worst thing that could happen to me online is for my email account to be compromised. The emails  would probably be quite boring to read through but the address itself allows access to a slew of “forgotten password” requests.

While some sites have 2 step authentication available, requiring a code to be sent by text message to my cellphone when resetting a password,  the majority do not.

It means that someone would have access to more private information, including financial, medical, taxes, etc…

The secrets to securing your inbox

  1. Do not treat your email password lightly. Make it secure by choosing a sufficiently complicated password.
  2. Set up 2 step authentication, if available. Gmail even offers USB authentication in place of the text message code, requiring a physical device to be on hand.
  3. Secure your cellphone with an open password or use your fingerprint if you have a newer iPhone or Samsung Galaxy.
  4. Set up backup email addresses and a phone number in your account, in case you lose access to an intruder. Without this, most email providers will not be able to help you.

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Alex Papadopulos

Alex Papadopulos

Head of Operations at Striata, The Americas

Alex Papadopulos is the Head of Operations for Striata America and currently heads up all technical operations for North, Central and South America. He is responsible for all areas of technical and project operations including project management, support, development and project implementation.

Alex began his career with Striata in 2003 as a programmer and has worked extensively within the various operations teams in South Africa before moving to North America as the Technical Team Lead. Prior to moving to the United States, Alex was responsible for managing a team of developers and engineers in his role as Technical Project manager where he managed clients requirements as well as developing a number of proofs of concept. He also completed 18 months in a Systems Analyst position at Clover. Alex has over 10 years of experience in the IT field, primarily focused on electronic billing presentment, billing and supply chain management.

Alex completed his Bachelor of Information Technology in 2001 through Bond University (Australia) at Sandton, South Africa majoring in programming.

Read more of Alex's blog posts here or connect with him on the following social channels: