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Google AMP for email - driving email interactivity into the future

Google AMP Coming To Email Soon Online

In 2015 Google announced its open-source technology – Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) – for developing rich web content on mobile pages. The initial collaborators on the project included publishers and major technology companies like Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and WordPress.

The success of this initiative is due to the fact that the related content uses far less data than a traditional website – built for a desktop, which means incredibly fast load times. It is comprised of three components: HTML, JavaScript and caching.

AMP is coming to Gmail

In February this year, Google announced that AMP would be coming to Gmail. While it is still in “developer preview” mode, and the publishers are limited to major players like Pinterest, we are very much looking forward to how this will drive interactivity in email into the future.

Gmail has promised interactivity that will allow an email to be updated with the latest content and a website experience without visiting that site, as well as for interactivity, such as dynamic forms – which we haven’t seen since email clients started restricting JavaScript and forms a few years ago.

As Striata provides a multitude of content via email, we are most excited about the ability to add even more interactivity into both our eBilling and marketing emails.

AMP for Gmail is expected to be released to Gmail users later this year.

Alex Papadopulos

Alex Papadopulos

Head of Operations at Striata, The Americas

Alex Papadopulos is the Head of Operations for Striata America and currently heads up all technical operations for North, Central and South America. He is responsible for all areas of technical and project operations including project management, support, development and project implementation.

Alex began his career with Striata in 2003 as a programmer and has worked extensively within the various operations teams in South Africa before moving to North America as the Technical Team Lead. Prior to moving to the United States, Alex was responsible for managing a team of developers and engineers in his role as Technical Project manager where he managed clients requirements as well as developing a number of proofs of concept. He also completed 18 months in a Systems Analyst position at Clover. Alex has over 10 years of experience in the IT field, primarily focused on electronic billing presentment, billing and supply chain management.

Alex completed his Bachelor of Information Technology in 2001 through Bond University (Australia) at Sandton, South Africa majoring in programming.

Read more of Alex's blog posts here or connect with him on the following social channels: