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Don't let postal strikes affect your business, consider email delivery instead

Imagine the internet went on strike

So, imagine the Internet went on strike like the post office. The World Wide Web downed tools and began negotiating for better pay and improved working conditions. The Internet compiled and lodged a list of grievances to be resolved before things could go back to operational normality.

If this ever happened – it would mean that we couldn’t use Google, or Tweet or check Facebook and there’d be no email. We wouldn’t receive any of our household or personal documents such as invoices and statements by email either and our Apps would not work! Imagine if this was true… but obviously it isn’t.


Workers at the South African Post Office (SAPO) are on strike and have been for months. I read a quote by SAPO spokesperson Lungile Lose stating that the Post Office has been affected by 5 strikes since January (FIVE!) and its operations have been severely impacted for most of this year. He added that this will be the third year of financial losses after seven previous years of profit.

Two reports by Antoinette Slabbert on MoneyWeb mentions firstly, that the protracted post office strikes over the years have pushed businesses to explore other options for their billing and statement delivery. And secondly, that the vast majority of direct marketers still depend on the post office.

Panic not, oh postal users … there is a solution …

Send important documents like policies, bills and statements via email.

The financial consequences for companies that still deliver paper bills and statements via the post are massive. Many customers refuse to pay without receiving an invoice and why should they?

Delivering all communications, especially bills, statements and other important documents such as insurance policies via email, will drastically improve the experience all round. It will encourage timeous payment, streamline document processing and save costs, while customers can enjoy the convenience of accessing their bills and other documents directly from their inbox.

The benefits of switching to secure electronic document delivery:

7 Reasons Why You Should Choose Edocument Delivery Image Compressor

Send your marketing communications via email as well

The financial consequences for direct marketers and their customers are also huge. The expensive, glossy printed marketing material sits in a warehouse and can’t be delivered. Marketers are also the hardest hit by the strike because marketing messages are reprioritised over university books and ‘business’ documents. The strike should therefore compel marketers to switch to email marketing instead and enjoy all the great benefits.

Good email marketing can help you to mix just the right blend of relevant content, suitable target group and perfect timing with the appropriate digital channel. And all this without the risk of your distribution channel ever going on strike.

The Benefits Of Switching To Email Marketing

It is clear to me that the scope of opportunity, savings and options available to companies looking to convert their paper communications to electronic is also huge.

The Internet will not go on strike and email as a channel will provide reliable, secure and rapid delivery of the operational and marketing messages that your business depends on!

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