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Alex Papadopulos

Here are all my blog posts. Enjoy the read!

Innovation - an incremental journey

Innovation is incremental. The concept of innovating is about an effective application of technology that solves both business and customer problems.

Google makes email even safer with two new features

Last week, on “Safer Internet Day” Google made the news with a number of announcements. 2GB of free drive space for those users completing a security check up and notifications regarding non-authenticated or secure transmission of email. The good news is that Striata supports both of these technologies.

Secure your Inbox!

Hillary Clinton made headlines the last few weeks by using her personal email address, instead of a State Department issued one. Need more advice on email security?

The complexity of passwords

A Golden Rule of passwords: On a long enough timeline, the security of every password drops to zero. Alex talks about World Password Day and the positive impact complexity of passwords has.