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Why your customers will love email bills and going paperless

Published on 13 May 2014
Striatas Industry Specific eDocument Delivery Solutions

Experience Striata email document delivery solutions  via great, functional industry specific demos that are accessible and available via the new Striata website.

eBilling Insight  focuses on Striata’s industry specific solutions and  the great eDocument demos available  for each industry…

The convenience of email delivery will get your customers to switch off paper in one click.

Experience it for yourself! Check out our demos – we will push a demo to your inbox based on your requirements.

Striata has industry specific solutions, tailored for clients across the following industries:

Striata Solutions for Financial Services

We help major financial institutions across the globe achieve more than 4 times industry averages for paper turn-off!

Email delivery works for Striata’s financial clients

  • Barclays Kenya: 65% of recipients consented to eStatements within 3 months


Striata Solutions for Insurance

Reduce your operational costs for bills and policies by 85%! Drive paper turn-off and costs by delivering these documents securely via email instead.

Our clients are reaping the benefits of email delivery, so can you!

  • PURE insurance:  42.7% paper turn-off for ePolicies & eBills.*
  • Plymouth Rock: 10% uplift in traffic to portal for payments.*


*A Striata & Speedpay® service client

Striata Solutions for Telecommunications

Cut paper, save costs, market to your customers effectively and get payments quicker with Striata. Our Telecommunication clients experience significant and immediate savings, so can you!

Striata ‘Push’ eBilling is ideal for Telecommunications


Striata Solutions for Utilities

There is no need to pass the ever increasing paper and postage expenses onto your customers. Optimize your billing platform with Striata, and experience dramatically lower costs due to high paperless adoption rates.

Striata’s eBilling solution drives paperless adoption.

Striata & Speedpay® service clients:

  • City of Tallahassee: exceeded 30% paper suppression in under 3 years
  • IREA: 24% of entire customer base is paperless – within 12 months


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