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Reduce billing costs

Reduce the cost associated with delivering bills, responding to account queries, receiving payments and dealing with past due accounts by implementing a digital billing, payment and collections process.

By simply removing paper, printing, mailing and manual processes; your billing costs can be reduced by between 65-85%.

Improve billing efficiency by enabling your customers to submit a query or make a payment directly from within our interactive ebills.

Using digital communication, you can also reduce the costs associated with collection of past due accounts.

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Reduce billing costs by switching your customers to electronic billing and payment

Realize the advantages of using our electronic billing, payment and collection solutions:

Paper turnoff

Reduce paper, printing and postage costs by converting your customers to digital statements and achieve high adoption of the digital process through our proven conversion methods.

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We partner with various payment providers globally, to give your customers the ability to receive, view and pay their bill securely from a desktop or mobile device.

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Secure your customer’s information throughout the processing, distribution and storage of data.  Protect customer documents using encryption and password protection.

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Marketing offers

Take advantage of the powerful marketing opportunity the ebill provides as a regular customer touchpoint, by inserting personalized content and targeted marketing offers.

Drive usage of other digital media

Drive customers to your mobile application or web portal directly from the secure document, increasing downloads and usage across digital channels, and encouraging self-service.