Utilities must digitize collections notices or risk a fractured customer experience

As part of the broader digital transformation goals, paperless initiatives are a priority for most utilities. However…

Collections notices – an important part of the billing cycle – remains on paper. 

Sending paper-based collections notices is a missed opportunity. A switch to digital can improve customer experience and have a positive impact on the bottom line.

By digitizing utility collections notices, utilities can:

  • Save on paper, printing and postage costs
  • Deliver collections notices faster
  • Drive faster payments
  • Reduce DSO (days sales outstanding)
  • Avoid collections agencies fees
  • Improve the bottom line

Get the document to learn how Striata can help switch your collections notices to digital, for a better customer experience and to reduce the friction associated with past-due collection notices.



When sent digital collections notices, people are 12% more likely to pay in early delinquency than when receiving paper notices, and 30% more likely to pay should it reach late delinquency.McKinsey

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