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Scheduled campaigns

Scheduled email marketing campaigns, such as regular newsletters with fresh design, relevant content and the right offers, have a valuable role to play in your digital communication strategy.

Our customers achieve some of their best results in both engagement and call-to-action using a regular monthly or weekly communication. This may be a blog post, an ‘end of month sale’ brochure or a weekly deal.

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Create scheduled campaigns with fresh design and relevant content

Use our skills to create meaningful email marketing campaigns that get results:


We leverage our years of digital communication experience and understanding of messaging best practice to help you drive the desired customer behavior in order to meet your business goals.

Professional Services

Let us take a load off you – we have the teams on hand to help you with the design, coding, sending and report analysis. Now you can focus on the goals and strategy and let us help you implement the vision.



Scheduled campaigns such as newsletters can be highly personalized if you have the right data. Using demographics, preferences and behavioral data, we will make each recipient feel as if your communication is one to one.

Social Sharing

Extend the reach of your marketing messages by giving your subscribers the ability to post share-worthy content onto social media. We design your communications to make sharing of content really easy.


Multichannel distribution

We will help you set up your communication plan to leverage our multichannel distribution capabilities. First prize is to ask your client what their preferences are so that you reach your customer where they like to spend time.



Graphs are useful, but marketing intelligence is loads better. As data and integration specialists, we design our projects to make full use of input data and to bring information such as leads, ‘call me’ actions and responses back to your systems where it can provide the most value.