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Reading Room: Let’s chat about chatbots

Have you heard about chatbots? They are appearing everywhere – Read on to discover which chatbots are being noticed and why you may consider them too.

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Meet our security guru Chantelle van Wyk, Global IT and Security Manager

Spotlight on Striata’s executive members. In this blog post we chat to Chantelle van Wyk, Global IT and Security Manager.

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Digital transformation is reshaping C-level positions

How digital transformation and customer experience is shaping organizations internally, including C-level functions

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Born Digital

Our digital lifestyle is evolving, as sensors are now being embedded into products at the point of manufacture – born digital.

Checklist for Testing Email Marketing Campaigns

It's 09:59am. The email marketing campaign I have been testing is about to go live. I have to press the 'Send' button and just seconds later, one million customers are going to receive some really awesome deals. As I begin to move the mouse pointer over to the 'send'...

“The Power of Email in Loyalty”

A loyalty program cannot perform its function without consistent and regular communication. An ideal channel for this is email, due to its ubiquity and ability to provide a personalized customer experience.

Google makes email even safer with two new features

Last week, on “Safer Internet Day” Google made the news with a number of announcements. 2GB of free drive space for those users completing a security check up and notifications regarding non-authenticated or secure transmission of email. The good news is that Striata supports both of these technologies.

Blog series: Complexity of email

Yes, email is complex! Our most experienced staff still have “a fear of pressing play” on an email campaign Yes, email is complex! Our most experienced staff still have “a fear of pressing play” on an email campaign

Trending: Mobile payment

Sending an eBill without an embedded payment facility is like sending a birthday invite without putting the address on it. Cue the Mobile payment

Secure your Inbox!

Hillary Clinton made headlines the last few weeks by using her personal email address, instead of a State Department issued one. Need more advice on email security?

Digging deeper into email…

Email is pretty simple right? It can get a little confusing when you start digging a little deeper & configuring your deliverability & authentication …

If Disney did eBilling…

Taking the fundamental Disney approach to customer service and apply it to eBilling, what would you get? Hammer House of Horrors? Magic?

eBilling for Silverbacks

Why not investigate how your older customers interact with your current billing technology? Most countries are dealing with an aging population …

The Digital (non) Dialogue

This business of sending emails from a address and actually advertising in the content that “this mailbox is not monitored”, is just plain bad practice.