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Customer preference center

Knowing how a customer prefers to receive information from your business can enhance your communication strategy. Use our solution to gather important customer preferences, so that you can send them content based on their choices.

Incorporate how each customer prefers to receive communication in your campaign strategy to improve the customer experience and drive engagement. Put the customer in control of the communication they receive from you, by enabling them to select the channel they prefer, the content most relevant to them or even the frequency at which they’d like to receive it.

A preference center also helps address other challenges facing today’s digital marketer – such as keeping contact data up to date and managing subscribes and unsubscribes.

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Use your customer preference data to build a trust relationship

Enable your customers to manage what communications they receive from you and by which channel:


The preference center database can store any messaging-specific information that is not catered for in your source systems, such as desired frequency of contact, geographical region and special interests.

Subscribes and unsubscribes

Managing subscribes and unsubscribes is vital to maintaining trust with your email marketing subscriber base. Our solution removes this burden by automating the subscription process.


The solution can also be used as a data staging area which synchronizes with your primary database. It is always preferable for an organization to be the master for all data collected on customers, but it’s not always easy to collect it. Our solution allows for the easy collection of the data and daily synch files, which means that your primary database is updated with all customer data.