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Effective marketing

Your customers expect to be able to opt-in for digital marketing over traditional direct marketing.

There are many business advantages to marketing via digital channels: it costs less, is more measurable and provides the fastest ROI of any marketing channel.

Fortunately, digital marketing also provides ways to delight your customer that cannot be achieved in the physical world.

When armed with great design and good data, you can tailor a message specifically to an individual’s interests, which drives engagement.

Email is a great complement – the perfect way to drive customers to your mobile application or web portal, increasing downloads and usage across your digital channels.

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Make email marketing an important part of your digital transformation

Email marketing offers many advantages:

Fit for purpose

Email marketing has specific strengths – it’s the best channel for lead generation and one of the highest contributors to e-commerce sales.

Better measurement

You can measure and understand your customers’ behavior, then align future messages to improve engagement levels and meet your campaign goals.

More targeted

Target your message based on profile, preferences and behavior, to achieve the ultimate email marketer’s goal – the segment of one.

Enhanced customer experience

Allowing the customer to choose their digital channel of choice and state their messaging preferences, enhances the customer experience and drives loyalty.

Higher engagement

Email makes it easy and convenient for your customer to respond to a call to action, which results in better take-up on your special offer, daily deal or request for feedback.

Striata Email Marketing Solution Overview

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